Concerts! Who have you seen live?

I have seen, Bad brains, naked raygun, nekromantix, dead kennedys, the dickies, cannibal corpse, black dahlia murder, lower class brats, brain failure, mustard plug, stiff little fingers, slayer, 7 seconds, reel big fish, against all authority, streetlight manifesto, the germs, the buisness, big d and the kids table, lawrence arms, koffin kats, blue meanies, youth brigade, the effigies, and a bunch of local groups, and upcoming i will be seeing flogging molly, the toasters, dropkick murphys, the english beat, and rx bandits.

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Kiteman9 years ago

Most recently, I've seen The Hamsters and Walter Trout, both in clubs in Norwich.

Years ago; It Bites, Fairground Attraction, a few pub singers and local lads.

A couple of Months ago, Kitewife went to see George Michael at Norwich Football ground.
sugg229 years ago
social distortion, green day, bruce springsteen, bon jovi, big d& the kids table, the toasters, hawthorne heights, coheed & cambria, red jumpsuit apparatus, paramore, the fabulous rudies, Black Irish, cannibal corpse, against me, avenged sevenfold, taking back sunday, jimmy eat world and i will soon be seeing less than jake, the bouncing souls, anti-flag, and a bunch more.
astrozombies138 (author)  sugg229 years ago
ah i saw the bouncing souls at riotfest, and i saw less then jake with RBF and Streetlight but i sat out because I just dont like em
oh. I'm going to bamboozle, so i'm gonna see them both of those bands there. LTJ is one of favorite bands. I'm also, of course, a streetlihgt and catch-22 fan.
astrozombies138 (author)  sugg229 years ago
streetlight is amazing live, i saw them with against all authority less than jake and reel big fish
that is amazing! i'm gonna see Bomb the music industry!, awful waffle, and two other bands friday night
astrozombies138 (author)  sugg229 years ago
very nice, if you like bomb the music industry check out the arrogant sons of bitches (pre-bomb the music industry), but im really lookin forward too the toasters
the toasters are the nicest band i've ever met. i saw them live, then went to their merc tent and they were there selling stuff. i actually had a conversation with their bassist, who is one of my greatest influences.
Last concert I went to was when my girlfriend dragged me to Lilith Fair, the redeeming feature was my future wife Liz Phair was performing. Well a guy can dream...

Most fun, court side Celtics back when Mchale and Bird were playing.
randofo9 years ago
I used to go to concerts all the time in underground hole-in-the-wall clubs when I lived in the Bushwik section of Brooklyn five years back (when people still got shot there). I wish I knew who the bands were (I can only remember two or three by name). I saw so many amazing bands. Those shows were crazy. Most of you people are probably too young to hear half the stories of what went on. Anyways, probably one of the best shows where I knew what band I was seeing was the Supersuckers. Black Mountain was pretty good. I got married by robots at the Captured by Robots show. Saw Kimya Dawson while sitting on a floor in some basement. That was pretty awesome. I also saw her and Scout Niblet open for Daniel Johnston, another great show. Saw Beulah's last show at Fort Mason. Picked up a girl at a Mooney Suzuki concert. Was shoved over by the guitarist of the Datsuns when he attacked the crowd. Danced danced danced with Gogol Bordello. Walked in pouring rain from a Dandy Warhols concert to the 2nd Ave Deli only to learn it had been closed by the landlord. Errr.... I saw so many, let's see... there was Of Montreal at the knitting factory. Bis at Warsaw. And when I saw The Brian Jonestown Massacre they did not self-destruct on stage. I wished Adam Green had self-destructed after the first hour and I left some time during his second hour as he performed Kokomo. The Violent Femmes should have gone on all night, but didn't. The Rapture put on a better show than I could have ever imagined they would (not to mention all of the sweaty scantily clad females). The Giraffes made me wish I stayed home. Trecked out to see The Sadies, Stars and the New Pornographers for Canada Day in the Park hopped on muscle relaxers and with my arm in a sling. Then there were the expensive tickets for the geriatrics like Neil Young, Bruce Springstein, Dylan and Van Morrison. And and and... there were so many... oh, the Aquabats... and ummm... Nellie Mckay... and... uhhh... a bunch more...
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