Condemned to the Marxist Hell of Sweden!

You know how something just occurs to you?

In various places around the internet, I find people who choose to have a "difference in opinion" with me.

I like to think I am quite well-educated, and with a decent vocabulary, so it is usually the other party that descends to out-right name-calling first.

That doesn't bother me. In fact, sometimes it entertains me, as some of the insults can be quite surreal.

My current favourite is from a poster on the BBC. He turned out to be, er, rather right wing, and eventually ended up declaring that I probably want to go and live in the Marxist Hell that is Sweden.

I had to check - Sweden is actually a slightly right-of-centre, healthy, wealthy monarchy, with no particularly horrific crime rate.

It turned out that the poster had found out that Sweden is about 85% non-religious or atheist (and climbing), and also has a fairly healthy immigrant population.

The poster put this together with the ranting of a Norwegian blogger based in Belgium (?), and decided that Sweden is doomed until it rids itself of all the Muslim immigrant criminals. The poster was a complete loon, but I loved the insult.

Anyhoo, to the rambling point; what insults have you been on the receiving end of that have been unintentionally entertaining?

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Gorfram8 years ago
I was deeply amused and flattered, on a very different website than this, to have one of my just-left-of-center arguments dismissed on the grounds that I'd been raised (and brainwashed) as a "Red Diaper Doper Baby." :)

lemonie Gorfram8 years ago
Can you explain that phrase? L
"Red Diaper Doper Baby" is a phrase that was invented by Michael Savage, a conservative talk radio host.
It sound extraordinarily American, probably of the John Birch Society school of insult. "Red" for Communist (i.e., anything left-wing of the Nazi Party), "doper" for drug experimenter (i.e., anyone alive during the 1960s). "Diaper" and "Baby" are pretty self-explanatory.

The "red diaper" bit is meant to imply that my parents were such strident socialists that they dressed me, even as an infant, in the colors of the Communist party. (US diapers = British nappies.)

"Dope" is (or was) slang for any sort of drug available in the 1960's (marijuana, coke, heroin, quaaludes(sp?), speed, etc.).

My mother does not share my amusement at the phrase, and insists that my diapers were either white or that pale yellowing gray that much-washed-and-bleached fabric takes on; and, much more importantly, that no "dope" was ever allowed in or even very near the house. (Both of these were the case as far as I know and can remember.)

The works and doings of people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr., were more than welcome in the house, which was often chock full of Quakers and other peace activists. My mother initiated and admisinstered early childhood education programs for the children of Hispanic migrant farm workers and for inner-city (i.e., Black, Hispanic, or both) children; and somehow my personal political outlook wound up somewhat left of center. :)

Gorfram Gorfram8 years ago
(My mother would also be appalled at my having mispelled "administered" so badly. :)
lemonie8 years ago
I thought that I'd commented, but then I remembered that I looked at this and couldn't think of anything. Today, I remember that having indulged in a spot of "pogo-ing" in a pub, some person accused us of affecting the electronic gambling-machine they just lost money on (cellar-bar, solid, solid stone-floor with sticky-carpet). "Rip ()ing head off and () down your neck" sits with me, I still find it moderately amusing. L
Missed this one last week, Lemonie.

My mother used to threaten us kids with, "If you touch that again, I'm going to tear your arm off at the shoulder and grind the bleeding stump into your eye."  Yes, she really said that!  I think I turned out all right in the end, though.... >twitch<
Kiteman (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
Haha, my dad used to threaten to tear my arm off, then beat me to death with the soggy end.  In reality, he never raised his hand to me once (although I'm sure he felt like it occasionally).
lemonie Kiteman8 years ago
I saw a Kite this weekend. Or at least I believe it was a Kite, they've got those distinctive tails haven't they?

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