Confused Crocodile

I'm a confused crocodile...I wanted to compete in the 3d money clip challenge and will still design something for it :) . After numerous times of trying to make the software work it just didn't so I'm going to try to use some other CADs that I have. With that being said here lies my confusion about this contest.The prize(s) for the 3d money clip contest is a $100.00 credit for five winners. I went to the website and there's a membership fee and if you aren't a member then the cost of services is higher. Plus, there's an hourly charge for the services and I'm basically confused as to the benefit of a $100.00 voucher/credit. Would that be enough to make a 3d print of the 3d model for the winners of the contest?

caitlinsdad4 years ago
Hmm, looked at that site and it does seem more geared to an industrial business needing to fabricate a part which you need to get a quote on. The $100 seems trivial compared to the basic membership fee. There is not even mention of an instructables prize pack with T-shirt as a prize, maybe why I passed it up.
N1K1_1NC. (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Thank you for checking out the site and confirming what I thought. I overlooked the instructable prize pack not being included for that contest :( . I'm still probably going to do something for it just for the heck of it though. Maybe the voucher would benefit someone who is already a member or who seeks to become one. Anyways thank you both for your replies.
It all depends on the material you want to print with. For nylon that should be more than enough. Check out other sites like Shapeways for an idea.