Congratulations to the winners!!!

And also Happy Valentine's Day

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Wasagi8 years ago

Have you looked at the Url? It says "Burningquestionsround65" 65!! What will we do when we get to Burning Questions Round 65???!?!?
kelseymh Wasagi8 years ago
It's round "6.5" as announced by Ed. The I'ble server code strips punctuation when it converts a title to a URL.
Keeter Wasagi8 years ago
Woot, I won! It was my first instructable, so I think it helped that there were only 2 of us in that category :P I am sporting my tshirt as we speak. It rocks.
Thanks for choosing my instructables!
Yes, congratulations!
DJ Radio8 years ago
happy v-day to you too.
Thank you!
Kiteman8 years ago
Do you mean the BQ? Thank you!
acaz93 (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
Kiteman acaz938 years ago
In that case, definitely "thank you". Now I've won a bumper sticker, though, it means I have to solve the pitting in the chrome on my bumper...
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