Congratulations to the winners!!!

And also Happy Valentine's Day

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Wasagi7 years ago

Have you looked at the Url? It says "Burningquestionsround65" 65!! What will we do when we get to Burning Questions Round 65???!?!?
kelseymh Wasagi7 years ago
It's round "6.5" as announced by Ed. The I'ble server code strips punctuation when it converts a title to a URL.
Keeter Wasagi7 years ago
Woot, I won! It was my first instructable, so I think it helped that there were only 2 of us in that category :P I am sporting my tshirt as we speak. It rocks.
Thanks for choosing my instructables!
Yes, congratulations!
DJ Radio7 years ago
happy v-day to you too.
Thank you!
Kiteman7 years ago
Do you mean the BQ? Thank you!
acaz93 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Kiteman acaz937 years ago
In that case, definitely "thank you". Now I've won a bumper sticker, though, it means I have to solve the pitting in the chrome on my bumper...
Autosol works quite well if it's corroded (i've spent a lot of time polishing chrome), use it with and old toothbrush and a rag.
The pits are right through to the steel below - I'm getting rust stains on top of the chrome.

I don't think I can rechrome them myself, and I haven't found out how much it costs to get it done professionally yet.

I may decide to splash out on a pair of stainless bumpers instead.
I think it cost about 20 quid for me and my dad to get one vespa side panel re-chromed, and it takes an awful lot of prep work to get them ready in the first place (bear in mind these are a little smaller than an A3 sheet of paper). We looked into home chroming them, and couldn't find a way of doing it. There is quite expensive chrome paint that really looks like chrome, but I don't know if it would work on pitted metal very well. Stainless is probably the way to go. Maybe try to get to an autojumble? Newark has a massive one every month (I think it's the second sunday of each month).
That's one point in favour of stainless, then...