Connect PC to old(ish) Projector: Connection

I got an old projector from my school from my school recently, that has a video in, and i have managed to make it wok with my DVD player.
My question now is, is it  possible to connect it to my computer? It only has One RCA  (Actually, I'm not sure its called RCA. The cable that plugs into it looks like this video in cable.
I was wondering if this would work? Does anyone know please?
Thanks in advance

You should be able to make a VGA to RCA cable with no additional circuitry, like this
schumi23 (author)  The Skinnerz5 years ago
The problem with that is that the input for the projector is only One video cable ( there are also 2 audio inputs)
That is also sorta answered, though in opposite with what he said here:

"Will I be able to use the VGA to component adapter to watch DVD's from my DVD player on my computer monitor?

Probably not, the adapter just "adapts" it doesn't convert. Nearly all computer monitors need an RGB signal, as compared to the component (Y, Pr, Pb) signal that a DVD player outputs. To view a component signal on an RGB monitor requires a transcoder, which converts the component to an RGB signal. Many projectors and some rare monitors will accept a compent signal via their HD-15 (VGA or RGB) port. This is the intended use for this adapter. Bottom line: For the adapter to work your display device must accept component inputs."