Constructing a realistic lasergame

I am making a laser game/tag system and I would like an IR detector/sensor that can tell the difference between a direct hit and a near hit fly by so that the "bullets"can still cause sounds on a near hit. The sensor should be as invisible as possible but should have a very clear and acurate detection.

If there is no way I can make it work I will tweak the guns to be louder. Guns will have to hit over atleast 200 meters "For snipers". I know I need a double-convex lens but I just don't know wich LED I need. It would also help if next to a focused LED there is a way to send an infrared signal in all directions for just a while "For explosives". I have looked at ad hoc but no idea if it would work in there.

For the suits I will most likely use sensors connected to a micro-controller/processor.

Oh I forgot to mention that I am not using infrared lasers because they will most likely burn or damage the equipment.

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GusevAnton1 month ago

Fellas please tell me is it even possible to get IR signal over 200 meters distance and hit a sensor at that distance? If it is, how???

EarlB71 year ago

Hi, I'm looking for someone to develop infrared laser tag technology that enables drones to chase, shoot and record 'hits' on participating drones. Can I email you?

i am in no way an expert in any of the things you're trying to do, but...for the angle shots....I think you'd need multiple sensors. like one that is shrouded in such a way that it can only be triggered from a very narrow angle shot (like maybe 15 degrees off center) and then one or more sensors around it that would be able to catch the signals coming in at an angle (similarly shrouded probably). then if the main sensor gets hit, you do one thing, if the others you play the *wifff* sound

xpalix (author)  crapflinger1 year ago
Could you better explain what your idea is?

not really? guess I could draw it...but I got the lazies.

basically making it so that one receiver can only be triggered by a direct hit, while the other recievers would be triggered by a hit from the sides.

xpalix (author)  crapflinger1 year ago

Well I understand but I think I might look for more aproaches first. While looking for my circuit boards I stumbled upon another problem. If I were to use a mini-controller as the brain of each gun. Would I be able to program all the cycles in? Cycles as in: If trigger = 0 wait(time) repeat end. Elseif trigger = 1 fire LED 1 fire LED 2 fire solanoid -1 ammo wait(time) repeat end.