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I suppose this really doesn't fit in the Forum catagory, but anyways... I am a major computer geek. If anybody would like my help with anything that has to do with computers, drop me a line at: jthomsonmain (at) gmail (dot) com

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VTyrmakidis2 years ago

Hello I am looking for a programmer talent, have a look at maybe you are interested.

royalestel10 years ago
Hey! Got a question for you. In C (or is it C++?) What does a "for(;;)" loop mean? I'm way too rustyy.
In C++ the for loop looks like this (basically): for(initializing expressions) { statements; // what the loop will do }
i like c better c++ really annoys me maybe becuse imused to perl or im learning vb
I am becoming partial to C# myself....
visual c ,pretty good vb is mucccccccccch better ,try it!
I have a few books on the subject, but I have been working on the C# lately, so once I get it better mastered (in conjunction with .NET) I may look into it.
for(;;) is the same as while(true), it loops forever! :D
Hey thanks!
Oh, normally it works like this, though:
print i;
the first statement init.s a variable. The second is a conditional, if it is false, the loop stops. The last is a statement that is run at the end of each loop cycle. The above is the same as:
print i;
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