Can I participate in holidays gift or another contest?

i live in spain and i dont understand very well the conditions

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Kiteman5 years ago
Unfortunately, you cannot enter from Spain.

*But*, if you collaborate with somebody else from a qualifying country (US, Canada [excluding Quebec], UK, China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, India, and Denmark), they can give their address (should you win), and then get the prize to you.

The OP can enter... just doesn't qualify to win.

+1 to the rest of the info.
Don't forget, HQ don't know addresses until they ask after a win (even if you've won before - they delete such data after use), so all you do is give your collaborator's address as your own, and they forward it to you.

vanweb Kiteman5 years ago
BUT Kiteman, if the reason that he cannot enter is because it puts a liability on Instructables for taxes / crazy laws etc. Are you not telling people how to break laws that would put Instructables at risk of a lawsuit? Especially since you seem to act as a "defacto voice" for this site (you seem to answer most online queries about how things work, who to contact etc.and you have said you have judged contests yourself). So if he won he would be listed as the winner on the contest page his country would be listed as Spain and just because he had the prize shipped to someone else it is still a resident of Spain winning?

Also it would be breaking the rules of the contest which say only residents of certain countries can win. So in fact you are advocating people to ignore the rules of the contest if it does not suit them - which coming from someone like you who judges contests seems very very wrong.
Kiteman vanweb5 years ago
How about you find out what the word "collaborate" means on this site? Or what information is displayed on the contest pages?

If you follow my advice, you stay entirely within the contest rules, site terms of service, and international laws.

Which, coming from "someone like me", is much more useful than watching somebody attempting to score some sort of points, but ending up making themselves look rather silly, don't you think?
Moem Kiteman5 years ago
Huh. Attempting to score some sort of points? Looking rather silly?

... did we even read the same forum message? I read one that sounded reasonable, curious and genuinely concerned, and did not give me any sort of reason to want to be a jerk.
Moem Moem5 years ago
... on second thought, never mind... better not to get involved.
Kiteman Moem5 years ago
Too late!

It's OK - you just haven't encountered his style before. His other interactions make an interesting read.
bellotero69 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
thaks for your reply
vanweb Kiteman5 years ago
you "Advised" in another post: (

"Since the lawyers are working on the job "now", it's OK to enter a contest you are not officially eligible for.
The site does not officially know where you live until you tell them, which means that, should you win a contest you are not eligible to enter, you can give them an address of a friend in an eligible country, and your friend can mail the prize onwards to you."

I would like to know how this is "entirely within the contest rules, site terms of service, and international laws."?
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