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I think there needs to be a contest about things rising up, like a TV that is hidden at first then with a remote it will rise up and then you can watch. Users will be challenged to use there creativity to think of ways to incorporate this idea.

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Post your contest ideas here to make sure they get seen :)

elyk_ih3 years ago

an app making contest

gizmologist3 years ago

A Science fiction and/or movie/TV themed contest would be cool.

Toga_Dan3 years ago

Bond. James Bond. Batman. Get Smart..



I think it would be cool if there was maybe a greeting card contest... or a paint contest!

Deeg4 years ago
How about utilitarian art? I'd like to add quirky or whimsical items to my home that served a purpose more than just looking good. Maybe this is too nebulous but some past Instructables that would fit the definition are: (Assuming you can actually knit with them)
Thursday4 years ago
I'd like to see a contest for storage and organization. Shelves, furniture, creative ways of storing things in small spaces, etc.
Something like that is coming! I think it'll be happening beginning of next year - we're working the schedule out now. :D
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