Contest Ideas and Suggestions

Just thought I'd start a forum topic for people to post contest ideas under one topic. 

I did a quick search and found questions about contest ideas and multiple topics that are specific to a single suggestion.  So, I am posting this as a starting point and will add ideas for any contests here from now on.  And hopefully it won't just be me posting : )

If this does exist somewhere already, let me know!


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spyder20214 years ago
I already posted a contest idea, but it is quite long. Did not notice this topic before posting mine.

That aside I would love to see "When Voting" you can see how many Votes the instructable got, and who all voted. Also have the winner for the grand prize be chosen by the users/members of Instructables and not anyone working for Instructables. Because it should be us that decide a winner (bigger majority).
craftyv4 years ago
1. A limited ingredient recipe (say 5).
2. 1 Instrument art, pencil or pen or brush etc. (No computer or technical assistance)
3. Low budget recipe's.
sway4 years ago
I would like to see a contest for aquariums. I've seen a feww great tank ideas here and I'd like to see more. Especially steampunk tanks.
Make the judging process more public. Nobody besides the judges themselves have any idea why one Instructable was chosen over another. I'm very much starting to suspect the selection is entirely on personal taste, not at all on points allotted based on the quality of the content of the Instructables themselves. It made me physically sick to see yet another daft punk helmet recreation in the finalists of the make it glow contest.
YES! I'm very confused by the judging as well. I entered one contest with two entries and the one with less views and that was never featured ended up as a finalist. I was left scratching my head on that one and wishing I could see the scorecards haha.

I understand that the weekly challenges are the sole decision of the hosting party so that's that but the larger contests are a complete mystery. I don't understand why there is a vote option for users if the votes don't count towards judging and it's not like you can see how many votes you got either, so what's the point? Sometimes it seems like projects win because they are really intricate. Even though these projects are nice, if the criteria of " originality, usefulness, simplicity, and clarity of instructions" were really the criteria then less of these would be taking the prize.

I think that contests might have been like this before but it would be so cool if there could be winners based on various criteria such as most views (from unique users), most votes, etc., as well as the winners based on the normal criteria.
I wonder about this too...
ejp10875 years ago
I'm not too sure what kind of contest you would do for this, but it would be really cool to see a prize from
monsterlego5 years ago
ummmm how about you make the contest awards open to anyone you know that usa,canada,UK,and australia are not the only countryes in the world

maybe a recykle contest with the max being 10$
annahowardshaw aggre
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