Contest Voting Change

We have revisited our contest rules and decided that we had made a mistake in making community voting not be a factor in our decision-making process. As a result, we are reverting back to our previous rules, and picking half of the finalists based upon community voting.

This change has already gone into effect for all contests that are currently running. It is rare that we change the rules of a contest while it is running, but we feel that this change should prove beneficial to all.

This change is part of our ongoing commitment to do what is best for the members of this website.

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jeff-o5 years ago
I must have been out of the loop, how was it done before?
Thanks. I didn't know it had switched over to judge-only voting for a while.
Kiteman jeff-o5 years ago
Don't worry, I hadn't, either. :-/
It would have made more sense (at that time) to have removed the vote buttons. It did give the impression that they counted, but in the rules they had noted that it didn't count for anything.

I am glad to see that they are using votes again. I didn't really understand how a project that I voted for (not mine btw), that had a good number of views, and was a finalist lost to other ibles that had less views and IMO, were not as good. So maybe the voting aspect will help.

I thought it was muddily-worded legalese, and I am a bit annoyed that the change was not made more public when it happened.
Well I'll give them props for announcing it now and admitting a mistake was made... (they could have just switched back over and said nothing, and perhaps many people would have been none the wiser).
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My, aren't we chipper this morning?

(It's 1am over here, I can't sleep)
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