Contest: What is on your keychain?

I love to see things reduced to their smallest possible form while still maintaining function.

Show us the most interesting thing you have that fits on a keychain and have a chance to win a year of Instructables pro membership. It could be something you made or something you bought. To enter, post below a photo of the object or tool and give a link where it can be obtained or a brief description of how it was made.

Bonus points if it's something you find useful enough to actually carry with you everyday.

1st prize: 1 year instructables Pro membership

2nd Prize 6 months Pro membership

3rd Prize 3 month Pro membership

Deadline for posting is midnight May 15, 2011

The picture shows a few of the small keychain tools I have collected.

1. Tiny flashlight from:

2. Small calculator from Walmart

3. Keychain pencil that I made. See here:

4. Very small butane lighter from:

5. Key chain microscope from:

6. TV remote control from:

7. Laser clock projector from:

8. Small Rubiks cube from Walmart

Thumbnail pic shows the coin cell flashlight I carry every day. It only costs $1.50 and holds up to everyday use. Available from:

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A circular spark plug gapping tool that lets me set automotive and marine plugs by just turning the disc between the point and the arm of the contact set on the plug.
mikey77 (author) 6 years ago
The winners of this simple contest are:

1st prize: 1 year instructables Pro membership-diyoutdoorsman

2nd Prize: 6 months Pro membership-username252

3rd Prize: 3 month Pro membership-fozzy13

Winners will be notified by PM on how to collect the prize.
Here is my survival key chain kit. From left to right I have the following items:

1. Fire steel
2. P-38 (can opener & striker for fire steel)
3. Water tight container w/ quick fire tender
4. Gerber Artifact tool (mini pry bar, bottle opener, Exacto blade)
5. Mini LED light with strobe function
6. Mini Multi-tool
7. Compass
8. Carabiner
mikey77 (author)  diyoutdoorsman6 years ago
Can you tell us where you got the mini multi-tool?
It is a Quarrow brand that is sold by the Bass Pro Shops. I think that Orvis may also sell them. Its called the "Turtle".
mikey77 (author)  diyoutdoorsman6 years ago

Here is the link
Goodhart6 years ago
I don't have a wide variety of things on my keychain, I do have a lot of a few things.....the keys to my house are a bit old as you can see, and then there are the 20+ customer tracking tabs, and one brass George Killian's Irish Red bottle opener.
Nothing overly interesting, except the one skeliton key (upper left hand side).
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Pandora's Box and inside of it is one of Chuck Noriss's beard hairs. Does that win anything?
mikey77 (author)  Dr. Pepper6 years ago

If you post a picture of what happens when you open Pandora's box.
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