Contest: can i join?

Hi, i have this question because in the official rules of every contest there is a list of elegible countries but Italy is not mentioned. My question is: Can Italians join a contest?

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Hey, You can find all the information about entering our contests internationally here

We can only currently legally accept send prizes to the following countries: US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada (excluding Quebec), China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and Switzerland.
Dang, the Pope is gonna hold off on that ible on miracles.
:-D "Make a Miracle happen"
ynze ynze4 years ago
But even if Italians could enter the contests (sigh....), il Papa could still be rejected, since his residency is the Vatican, which is kind of a separate nation.
Maybe the prize could be sent to one of the Swiss guards.
francy91 (author) 4 years ago
Thank you for the advices! :)
Kiteman4 years ago
You can get around this rule by collaborating with a member who lives in a legitimate country. If you win, give their details, then they can pass your share of the prize on to you.