Contest prize shipping question

No shipping in South-Eastern Europe? I live somewhere around Serbia and I was just wondering...I wanted to enter the Woodworking contest and...yeah...checked the small writing on right and I didn't see the country I live in. Am I blind or did my eyes see the truth? Sorry for bad English also.

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ptkrf1 year ago

There was recently an update on eligible countries (see this post:

And for those "rare" contests with limited eligability: much like kiteman said - use relative's address and you will receive the prize.

Can the prize be shipped in Pakistan If I win...???

wilgubeast3 years ago

You are not blind.

To legally run a contest in another country (to ship there, essentially), we need to follow all of the local laws related to contests and sweepstakes. Some places have laws that are impossible to work with (Italy and Quebec are tough), whereas others just require our legal team to restructure our official rules to make us contest-legal for a new country.

You can still enter the contest, but you'd need to provide an address in a country where we can legally ship things in order to claim your prize.

Serbian Ninja (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago

Thanks a lot. I will check and see if everything is allright.

Unofficial advice:

The site admins don't "know" where you live until they ask for a delivery address for prizes. If you have family or friends in an acceptable country, you can give their address to the site, then arrange with the friend to get the prize to you.

If the prize is bulky, try and make sure the friend lives in mainland Europe - that will keep your mailing costs down, and you could even drive and collect it yourself.