Contest update: UK and Australia added!!!

Great news - Australia and UK authors are now eligible to enter all open contests!

And it's just in time to enter our two biggest contests: the Epilog Challenge and the Halloween Contest.  Get to work, folks, and make something awesome.  We'll be excited to send you prizes!  It's always fun to ship ipads and laser cutters overseas.

I'm working on adding more countries as fast as we can: check out Eric's post for more details on the target country list.  It's a matter of checking with individual countries to make sure we're in line with all sorts of (weird, idiosyncratic) local contest rules, so this is a much slower process than I'd like.

And if you're not in the US, UK, Australia, or Canada, check out my post about how you can pick up some awesome non-contest rewards for posting a great project.

More updates when there's news to report. :)

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Kiteman6 years ago

The deadline is approaching!

Kiteman6 years ago
>happy dance<

For countries not yet on the list, don't forget the International Go Pro Challenge.  All nationalities are welcome to enter.

Jsquared246 years ago
cosarara6 years ago
Maybe in a future Spain will be here TTuTT
vadimts6 years ago
+1 =)
And what about Brazil ? a?
canida (author)  vadimts6 years ago
I'm working on it, and hope to have more information soon. Will keep you posted!
vadimts canida6 years ago
cammers6 years ago
TOPTASTIC! Looking forward to the rest of the world to be able to join in too.
nazdreg20076 years ago
Does Ireland get in under the UK like we do for other things??
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