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Ok, I feel like a goof for asking this, but what is the mechanism by which one votes for an entry in the pie contest? (No, I don't mean how do I vote for my own. *grin*) But there are some groovy recipes that have been entered. I've rated a few, and commented on one or two, but I don't see a clickable button or link to vote for a specific entry, like there is for the book contest. I'm sure I'm just missing it, could someone tell me where it is? Thanks. :)

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dsman1952769 years ago
it is not set up for it yet. the voting starts at a different point then the contest.
SoapyHollow (author)  dsman1952769 years ago
They don't say that anywhere in the contest info, and all of the other contests have had voting enabled as soon as it started. Otherwise it could penalize earlier entries which could roll off the "front page" of the contest. For example, imagine if the book contest didn't enable voting until the end of the contest...some really great entries would probably be missed. I think it's probably a bug. I could be wrong. I'm gonna put in a bug report just in case it is. :)
It's not a bug, voting is purposely disabled so that some instructables don't have two weeks more of voting time. The book contest is much longer term, so voting is already available.
SoapyHollow (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
Yes, I was over anxious. These things happen when it comes to pie, doncha know. :) I deleted my bug report after your message. Thanks for the heads up.
Kiteman9 years ago

The big button that says "Pie Contest" is back, but there are no vote buttons, but mentions votes...

The Book Contest has got vote buttons...

Conclusion: somebody broke something, and this time it wasn't me!
SoapyHollow (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Considering the week I've had wrestling with code...maybe it *was* me. ;)
LOL - I don't break code, I just manage to upset the system with odd titles. I've added my comment to your bug report.
SoapyHollow (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
I ended up deleting the bug report when I was told that the vote buttons were disabled on purpose, and then they changed the text on the contest pages to reflect the datelines. :) But thanks for the back up...if one doesn't have the wind at one's back...having a kiteman is the next best thing. ;)
Goodhart9 years ago
Well, in the mean time there is this instructable on FOOD (so this is not out of context) in the New Sport contest that needs help It is the new form of Cheese Racing presented there, and it has a voting button
I believe the vote buttons should appear once we can no longer enter instructables. Because it's a speed contest, they want everyone to have the same amount of time to accumulate votes.
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