Contests are becoming too specialized

Lately I've been seeing more and more contests which require expensive, specialized tools (mostly 3D printers) in order for you to make something that is eligible. I wish we would have less of this type of contest, or at least have people utilize tools other than 3D printers. How about a milling/turning contest instead of endless 3D printing-related contests? I'm just worried that many of the contests are inaccessible to the average instructables user, and also getting a bit bored of contests which involve 3D printers.

Downunder35m8 months ago

Back to the basics, no tools that require electricity at all ;)

TheNecromancer13 (author)  Downunder35m8 months ago

I wasn't saying all contests are like that, but just that more and more of them lately tend to somehow involve 3D printers.

I only see a single contest involving 3D printing in the current contests....
And nothing really in the upcoming contests...
You are sure you mean the contest criteria and not just people entering with 3D printed things?