Contests being judged

Seems like there is a lag in announcing winners of current Contests being judged that ended on the 20th.

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Yonatan249 months ago

2/3 Are closed now.

Most of the time, they're announced after the date that's written. Wouldn't it make sense to make it the opposite? Not that big of an issue but still... :)

Yep, almost all the contests take half a day to a day and a half longer than the original time says. The bag contest was judging for THREE DAYS longer than expected!

Sometimes there are unexpected delays, but I would have preferred that they write the 24th or before... Something like that.

It's worth noting that although contest judging ends at midnight (Pacific time) on a Monday, that generally refers to the judging that's done by the selected Instructables users. I guess it takes a few days to collate the data and take into account other factors that come into play during the final process (such as contest sponsors opinions etc.). Usually the results are published before the end of the week but sometimes it takes a little longer.

Makes sense. I'm sure the contest sponsors reply immediately!

Kiteman9 months ago

I can tell you from experience that the delays are usually beyond the site's controls - you can't really tell folk off for being slow when they're the ones paying the bills...