Contributors - why me?

i just noticed when i clicked on my collaborations link that i'm a collaborator on a whole lot of projects that i have nothing to do with. i guess this comes because anybody can add anybody as a collaborator on their project? but i don't know if i like this idea. it would be nice if the person invited to collaborate had to accept the collaboration before it gets listed under their collaborations. i'm not sure why people have specifically invited me to collaborate on projects unrelated to my own. it is a nice idea. but on the other hand i'm not sure if i want to be affiliated with all of these projects that i have no opportunity to accept or deny. and another question, that i posted a long time ago is, if i do actively collaborate on a project, and the project is truly a collaborative project then should it not be possible that the project be listed under all of the involved's published projects? thanks and look fwd to an answer! hannah

Rather odd, indeed, Watson. Good idea though.
ll.139 years ago
I do believe it is because of "Group Collaboration".
I recently noticed this as well. I didn't recognize half of the projects I'm supposedly involved in. :P Perhaps someone can explain this to us. I hope so. :)
bumpus9 years ago
I have been added as a contributor to quite a few projects I had no part in as well. Its rather odd, and I second your collaboration invitation idea! :D