Convert Pull-String Lawn Mower to either Push Button or Key Operated

Can this be done?

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TylerH72 years ago

Any current or updated ideas for this? I was wondering the same thing, but thought it would be pretty easy.

bestburglar7 years ago
Ring or email the mover wreckers for support and cheap parts. They do postal orders too.
sflummox8 years ago
Key/button start sounds like a lot of work- adding a start motor, battery, etc. It would probably be very simple to hack together something like the Spin Start-
Just need a rubber plug that chucks into an electric drill, and a compatible metal cup that bolts onto the flywheel. You don't want a direct linkage like a bolt and socket- it needs to slip as soon as the engine starts running faster than the drill.
That would off-load the battery/electrical supply and start motor, so you don't have to drag those around as you mow. And this wouldn't require taking off the pull start, so you would still have that as a backup. Might need to modify the start clutch, though.
bwpatton18 years ago
Yes, This could be done but the pull start would have to be take off and replaced with a special type of 12 volt motor that you would hook up to the switch (key switch or push button, rocker switch, etc....)
kelseymh8 years ago
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