Cook a Burger with Your Tailpipe

Why waste all that heat out your tailpipe when you can cook a burger with it? We've seen an instructable on how to [ cook with your car], but this concept shows a simple device for grilling on the go.

It looks like it's still just an idea, but where else can we harness energy that would otherwise just heat up the air?


Picture of Cook a Burger with Your Tailpipe
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arpoky7 years ago
Would you like some Carbon Monoxide on that?
Labot20019 years ago

Try exhaust burgers for that true smoked flavor!
juanangel9 years ago
The catalitic and manifold are the only parts of a vehicle hot enough for a safe meat and then the meat must be protected from fumes and dirt. NOT IMPOSIBLE, I DID IT WHILE IN THE ARMY. Use can with a lid with a small hole for steam to escape. Eat as soon as you stop.
the only flaw i see in it is the gases would come in contact with the burger. it could be easily modified to not have the gases touch it.
Sedgewick179 years ago
I have your burger ready, just let me scrape off this dead skunk and mud. No, I think I would rather go to Burger King.
Dead skunk and mud, or Burger King? Kinda pretending there's a choice there, huh?
And McDoogles is better ? LOL
I don't eat any of that crap. Closest to fast food is when I get a sub from Publix.
I agree. I don't care for fast food myself. The only fast food I enjoy is rabbit and pheasant, and venison ;-) . Really, we have a number of Subway shops in the area, low fat, medium carb, make them pretty much as you like, subs. But not much else for me either.
fast food = rabbit, etc. because it can run fast.... :-)

Our Subway does make a decent sub though.
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