Cookie Jar Caption Contest! UPDATE: winner announced

It's been a little while since we've had a caption contest and it's fun to give away cookie patches so why not do both at the same time!

Why not indeed.

So! Here's the deal. Submit a caption for the picture below from this thread and you could win a 3-D puzzle of the whole world!

It goes like this:
- Post a new comment with your caption
- You can submit up to 3 captions
- Each caption gets its own comment
- Contest closes for entries at 4:30 pm PDT tomorrow (look at the timestamp on your comment)
- Everyone who posts a caption gets a cookie patch

OK now go!

UPDATE: The winner is gibsly with the caption in the picture below. Thanks to everyone who entered with a caption! There were many other great captions there.

Due to a minor emergency around delicious food being served somewhere else there will be a delay in the cookie patches being sent out, but they will be sent out.

Picture of Cookie Jar Caption Contest! UPDATE: winner announced
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gibsly8 years ago
"He failed math. She writes code. Together, they're detectives!"
ReCreate gibsly8 years ago
Makes no sense...
no it doesnt
I know it doesn't!
kelseymh gibsly8 years ago
Gjdj3 gibsly8 years ago
gibsly gibsly8 years ago
Yay! thanks! This'll add to my geek uh, street cred.
dombeef gibsly8 years ago
AHAHAHaahha funny :D
Flumpkins8 years ago
I am testing the time, I will post my entries if I am not too late
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