Cookie, cookie, come and get a cookie! CLOSED

It's not a big secret that I really like cookies. I often make double or triple batches just so that I have plenty to give away to friends and coworkers and neighbors and whatnot.

But hey! Now with patches I can give all of you a cookie! It'll be a patch, but if you want one just make a new comment below asking for a cookie and you'll get one!

UPDATE: Over three dozen cookies given out so far. If you want one, let me know soon as the cookie jar will close at 4:30!

UPDATE 2: OK, since so many of you asked so nicely after the cookie jar was closed I opened it again this morning to give out some more. But that's it! It's now done for good!

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i want cookie!!!
Two years late, and didn't read the subject line.
Atomman8 years ago
Aww I wanted a cookie :(
DJ Radio8 years ago
dangit, I was at camp! I coulda used a snack!
Me too! A lot happened when i was gone
Yeah. Same here. I wasn't at camp though. Sounds a lot more fun than my hospital stay...
What happened?
My lung collapsed again.
Again? Oh man I am sorry
thats too bad.
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