Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to all those who left a comment!

OK, I'm giving away some cookie patches again, but this time it's a little different. Remember, follow the rules or no cookie for you!

So here's what you need to do:
- make a new comment that says what your next project is
- the comment must be 10 words or less

Got it? Also, the project can be something original or something that's been done a million times before. It can be something you're going to do tomorrow or hope to finish in your lifetime. It's up to you.

This time the cookie jar will be open a little longer. The cookie jar will close tomorrow at 4:30 pm PST. That's July 9 at 4:30.

All right, so what's your next project?

UPDATE: Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to everyone who left a comment. It's cool to see what everyone's working on and I wish you all the best in getting it done.

Picture of Cookie jar is closed! Thanks to all those who left a comment!
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jmiksanek8 years ago
Mini S'mores Cupcakes...mmmm.
A Wii remote MP3 player
a pvc pipe machine gun
mymixed8 years ago
A Giant Mobile Catapolt
Matt214978 years ago
Make a nice looking birthday card for dad. Cookie Please?
lol 11 word comment
Count again.
counting fail.
fungus amungus (author)  corey_caffeine8 years ago
Word count burn!
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