Cool Free Papercraft Links

These are some good papercraft links.. at least by my standards...

Various papercraft

Papercraft motorcycles and such. There's also animals Professional Level.

Um.. I don't really know anything about this one..I just found it

I like this one. Transformers that really transform. And various other robots..

Recommended by jtobako

Recommended by jtobako

Recommended by SFHandyman

Recommended by SFHandyman. I believe you have to pay for some.

(Some Free models can be found here

Great site recommended by Chicken2209. Requires Pepakura. (For more info on Peparuka, and how to use it, click here

Recommended by xupower. The name says it all.

Recommended by GorillazMiko

Blog Format. Great stuff.

If you know of any papercraft sites, plese list them below. Enjoy!

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PepakuraE9 months ago <- Should try out! Free models, pop culture and many more.

Meglymoo871 year ago

nice thanks :)

eliolopes2 years ago
sholz2 years ago

SFHandyman9 years ago
Wow, thanks for these links. I like the Canon models. I always wanted to build a Japanese Castle.

The origami paper patterns are great also. I've been doing Polygonal Origami and need many matching sheets for each model.

Rob Ives makes great animated papercraft models. He also has explanations on how different kinds of gears work, so you can make your own.

My favorite of the free models is the Agreeable Sheep. I added a photo of the one I built. You turn the handle on the side and the sheep nods up and down. It's kind of like a Magic Eight Ball but it always says Yes.

I also made his papercraft Ship's Whistle. It is a whistle that is powered by a bellows. I couldn't find it on his website anymore but you can see what it looks like at the bottom of the Free Models page. front page
The Agreeable Sheep model is now on my website along with the train whistle mentioned in the post.
Keith-Kid (author)  SFHandyman9 years ago
Thanks for the links! I tidied it up a bit and added some that the people recommended.
Rob Ives is a member here.
Wow, I don't know why that would be a surprise. Seems like he would fit right in. I love Rob's work.
Keith-Kid (author)  Kiteman9 years ago
Really? Cool!
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