Cool double weapons

Here is some cool weapon doubles:

Magnum dagger
AK scissors
Blowgun lead pipe
Pistol flying guillotine
Colt net
Railgun sword
Railgun warhammer
Pump action baseball bat
Trident crowbar
Pistol machete
Railgun mace
Railgun chainsaw
Rocket war hammer
Colt wrench
Blowgun chainsaw
Razor gun


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Seleziona7 years ago
pump action baseball bat... lmfao
Seconded. *chick-shick* BONK *chick-shick* BONK!
Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha', I hurt people.
The Scout on himself
Shadowman397 years ago
What about nanomite warheads? (from a movie).
G.I Joe?
YaY! i like that movie :)
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