Coolest Business Card EVER!

This must be the best business card ever - if you work for Lego, they put together a minifig that matches your appearance as closely as possible, and then print your name and contact details on it.

I am insanely jealous!


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air.command8 years ago
This was way too cool, being a big fan of Lego, I just could not resist making one of these. I spent about an hour digging through the kids Lego box to find the right pieces and the right colours. I printed the name and images on glossy self adhesive paper and just stuck it on and then cut around the edges with a sharp knife. :)
Kiteman (author)  air.command8 years ago
Oh, wow - that is surely worth an Instructable!
KentsOkay8 years ago
WIN Never again will I use regular old business cards...
Neat..! I love them! :D
=SMART=8 years ago
Haha awesome, i bet you could make these though !
Kiteman (author)  =SMART=8 years ago
Go on, then!

(Anybody remember letraset?)
Remember?? I still have (somewhere) pages and pages of letraset in many (many) sizes and styles -- I knew there'd be a use for them again someday....
Kiteman (author)  waterbaby8 years ago
You'd better be quick, then, to beat SMART to the publish.
=SMART= Kiteman8 years ago
Kiteman (author)  =SMART=8 years ago
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