Copied Instructables

Maybe this post could have stayed in the topic of Instructables Etiquette so call me redundant ;).

Anyways, is it considered poor taste to repeat an Instructable of another person? I found an instructable that is exactly what I'm working on but I've found the said posting could have been better presented. Granted the posted reassured me the project is feasible but their 7 pages of instructions with two pictures could have been easily condensed into one page. In making a copy Instructable I would not hesitate in giving credit and link of the original person.

Anything thoughts?

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lemonie10 years ago
If you can add something new and original, do it. To do a better job of presenting the same thing may be worthwhile, but I would advise you make it clear that you are doing just that. L
dan10 years ago
this question has come up several times in one form or another in the past. i'll repeat: i believe much of the value of an instructable is in *how* you do it, not *what* the idea or end result is. re-doing the same idea your own way, or even the same way but documented differently, will always bring a slightly different angle to the project which is often useful.

of course, it is always good to post a link to other instructables or non-instructables on the same topic.
westfw10 years ago
Hmm. I wouldn't post a new instructable if my main contribution were to SHORTEN an existing project to improve presentation. That's just "editing." :-) (not that a lot of self-published material on the internet couldn't use some editing!) I WOULD post a "duplicate" if I thought I could improve presentation by ADDING additional text and photos.
crickle321 (author)  westfw10 years ago
True, making an instructable for the soul purpose of shortening an existing project would be silly. My intentions are to articulate each step with more than just short phrase and to include pictures for every step.
trebuchet0310 years ago
Poo... I posted in the etiquette thread.... but it looks lonely now that you deleted your comment :P
crickle321 (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
Sorry, my bad... I shouldn't have jumped the gun.