Copper flute?

I live in estonia. No bamboos here.
So I was thinking to use copper tube.

I find this
Problem is inside diameter and wall thickness.

If i'm getting it right for every key is right inside diameter and lenght 

I can buy straight copper tubes/pipes:

15mm(outside diameter) x 1,05mm(Wall thickness) 
15-2.1=12.9mm(inside diameter)
18 x 1,0
12 x 1,0 
10 x 0,8

Whats the best? I was thinking to use 15mm and 18mm tube
18mm for key a
15mm for key d

I ended up with 15x1,05 copper tube.
Thinking how to use this:

If I use this measures
I get 7.2mm for blow hole and 6mm for finger hole. My tube I.D is 12.9

Is there any flute calculator that calculates hole sizes for right key?
I am also thankful for any flute related help what helps me to make copper flute.

caitlinsdad2 years ago

This is pretty complicated, as is making pipe organ tubes

Maybe just make a sample one and tweak it? Good luck.

DeathSuperMario (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago

Pipe organ tubes needs right length.

Flute needs also right size holes in it.