Cops suck.

First of all, I am going to say this out of experience and not from memes or from public opinion. Two days ago, I changed a shortcut icon to redirect to another website on a school computer. Well, I got caught after someone fell for it, and then the teacher told me that I could get in serious trouble for it. He got some cops to tell me how bad it was, and afterward, I was wondering how stupid they were. First of all, they said I shut down the system. I did not do that, I just changed the link. Second, they said I was "scarier than a thug with a gun because I could hack their computers and get all the passwords". I can do no such thing, what makes them think that a simple prank automatically makes me a "1337 hax0r"? Then they said I could be arrested for just that prank, but they decided to let me off because I was not aware of those rules. Cops suck. (at least the ones in this area do) EDIT- It seems like my email to the teacher completely backfired. The teacher COMPLETELY misunderstood the point of my message.

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once i got lost in a tornadoe (when i was just 11) along with all but a total flood and i was a mile away from home,my mom called the cops   idiots who took 3 cars of them not being able to find me until i was less than 30o ft away from my house!!! yep cops stink
Camisado8 years ago
Your cops suck. Well, mine does too. While we're on the subject, let me share my own blasphemous experience with cops. Had a little fight at the beginning of the month with my current girlfriend's ex. He apparently wasn't too happy with his breakup. Jealous of me, he grabbed a razor (I know, this dude needs to pay a visit to the mental hospital) and made a (fortunately) shallow cut in my right upper palm. I got mad so I performed a joint lock in his hand and stabbed him with the back end of a color pencil I just happen to carry. It hurts a lot, but no real damage was done. A passing-by cop happened to see this and he almost arrested me, so I said to him, "Did you not see the f#$(ing razor that he's carrying? Did you not see the cut in my upper palm?!" (In Indonesian of course). He did arrest my girlfriend's ex but only after going to a deep thought and thinking "who should I arrest?" for 15, yep that's right, 15 whole minutes.
DJ Radio (author)  Camisado8 years ago
Love messes you up man...
Yep. Oh, here's a picture of my new girl, she and I go way back.... We used to be best friends in grade school but she moved to New Zealand. She came back to Indonesia last month and transferred to my school, and she fell for me when she saw my band play Blink 182's "What's Her Name Again" (explicit song, but I just say "bleep" when a swear came up). Wow, that's off topic, hope you don't mind... P.S. That fat dude isn't me, it's her dad.
I never heard anyone say bleep in a song before to cover a swear word, but I guess it's better then just silence. She looks (Thinks of a word trying not to get you mad) very nice.
just gotta say: wrong its not better than just silence. bleep would just ruin a tune.
Well, if it was a short swear word, I'm sure he would say "BLEEEEEEEEP!" Also, you can stay in tune by saying bleep as you would say the swear word. Also, imagine a song where a swear word takes up more than just a few seconds, or even in the start of family reunion, the beginning is just swear words, so a long silence would seem to me a bit awkward.
Or replace the offensive adjective with another word (e.g. "very") in a sanitised version. I agree that both bleeps and silent spots suck, if you want popular airplay do something popular & clean. If you want to retain artistic integrity, leave it as it is.
Of course that isn't how marketing popular music works....

if you want popular airplay do something popular & clean.
i don't think Izangi Telos likes The Jonas brothers or Hannah Montanna...


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