Copy Cats

There are many of you out there that have clones, I came across several of them today.
I am making a big fuss over this because it annoys me, that people can't think of original names; so they have to copy other people, because they are popular.
Often you will find, or may well have seen, these 'fakes' have posted Instructables, but the original person has posted a gun, more than five times better than that of said cheat.
The few I have found so far include:

Trainman2001 - DarthTrainman
Dsman1 - Dsman195276 (or visa versa)
There are thousands for ironman69, although there was a film called The iron man - This could be a valid reason.

If you spot any other clones, inform me please.
I will eat them.

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i got my name from extream builder.
My friend made Iogic boy
Dsman1952676 also has Dsmansmum, and Dsmansgirlfriend. I Have I_am_American and I_am_British. Killerk also has killerk2 mepain has mepains dog toby.
Bear in mind I_am_American and I_am_British may be legit.
Nope, I know who both are, they bugged me for quite a while.
I don't think they are copycats as such - more wide-ups, since nobody is going to mistake "I_am_British" for "I_am_Canadian".

The problem copycats are the ones that use punctuation to change names, and copy the avatar (like "Do_not_turn_off_the_power." with the period, or "Kitman").
well ya, but he put "NOT-killerk" and KILLERK2 up there, and nobody is going to mistake them for the real KILLERK.
Hey! You zinged me! thanks!
j-chode! (author)  Camisado9 years ago
Wtf does zinged mean?
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