Core77 Holiday Gift Guide 2008: 77 Design Gifts Under $77!

Our friends at Core77 just put out their 3rd annual Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide! It's a list of 77 design-themed gifts under (you guessed it) $77.

There's some great stuff in there, once you get past the flashing neon and straw-dancing barbies, including some sweet ninja throwing star magnets, Nintendo wall graphics, and a device called the BottleBob that punches a perfect straw-hole in soda bottle caps. They finish up with a DIY Gift Box Instructable from member blightdesign!

I found plenty of things I'd love to buy, and even more I was inspired to make!

Definitely check it out - this is a great list for inspiring some fantastic holiday projects.

Picture of Core77 Holiday Gift Guide 2008:  77 Design Gifts Under $77!
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Goodhart8 years ago
I just LOVE the Granny Racers LOL
ha ha
Really, it is on the 3rd page near the bottom
I would love to see what my Father-in-law's reaction to them would be :-) He's quite a good sport and would probably laugh too.
hmmm... but they're grannies, shouldn't you get him racing grampies?
I don't know, he might enjoy watching Grannies race :-)
ha ha
scoochmaroo8 years ago
VERNORS!!!! We had this growing up in MI, and once I found it in TX. My mom still sends us gift packs of the stuff. Yum! And Kudos to blightdesign! Awwww yeah.
Your link is missing a 7 =]
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