Corner Bakery's New Spicy Thai Coconut Soup Recipe anyone?

Have you tried the Corner Bakery's Spicy Thai Coconut soup?! ZOMG IT'S SO AH-MAH-ZING.

I'm trying to look for a recipe but can't find one that is like it so I'm asking help from the Instructablions: Do you know where I could find this recipe? OR Can you make a recipe that tastes like this soup?!

I had it for the first time yesterday and I was MIND BLOWN. It was so awesome and I want some more today but Corner Bakery only sells that soup from Wednesdays to Saturdays so I'm fresh out of luck.

Any help here? haha

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chikp4 years ago
I am actually super interested in this too... I have searched all over trying to find a recipe, and none are quite right. Corner Bakery has really come up with a unique taste here that i can't seem to figure out!
am64 years ago
Try these. uses shrimp instead of chicken, but otherwise they are similar and a good match for Corner Bakery's soup:

Julianne fights Dragons! (author)  am64 years ago
The soup itself is like a red color
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Which corner bakery? I think there may be hundreds of corner shops in Thailand and the rest of the world.
The actual restaurant/bakery/cafe called Corner Bakery in the U.S lol
Considering it is a franchise and judging from the high sodium content, it is made from some industrial soup supplier.  I wouldn't doubt the addition of the usual flavor enhancing chemicals to amp up its appeal.
Where in the U.S.? You really do need to be more specific, as the rest of the world is not exactly like the town in which you live. There is no such place as "Corner Bakery" in Northern California, for example.