Corrupted Unpublished Instructables


I'm new to the site and in starting my first instructable (a photo one) it kept crashing loading the photos.  I now have two unpublished versions of it on my page which I can't edit or delete.  How do I remove them please?



If you're having trouble uploading photos make sure you have the latest JAVA installed on your browser, as the new uploader is JACA based. You can always use the 'old uploader' which is a button located in the upload screen that does not use JAVA.

Did that help?
I meant to say our uploader is FLASH based. So, you'll need the latest FLASH to use the uploader (the old uploader isn't LFASH based, so that's still an alternative)
lugreen (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Thanks Mike, I'll check that too!
lugreen (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Thanks, I checked and my JAVA is up to date on both machines that I used (see my reply to Kiteman below). Thanks though. It posted third time at least :)
Kiteman1 year ago
The quickest fix would be an email to

Include the URLs of the projects causing trouble, and mention the browser and operating system you are using.
lugreen (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Thanks for this.

The URLs are: and - it's the same instructable twice.
The browser is IE9 and the OS is XP.
They both load but can not be edited, they crash the browser.

The instructable that I did manage to post was done on Windows 7 and Chrome.
Ah, I think I know what the problem is!

The title you have given the project is A Mad Scientist’s Laboratory themed buffet with “Andipasti”, the edible skeleton centrepiece!

Those extra symbols say to me that you have written the text of your project in a word processor, then copied and pasted it into the project. The copy-paste process often brings in extra data, which shows up as unusual symbols. Since the URL of a published project is formed from the title you give the project, the unusual data-symbols have given the system the heebies, and jammed it up.

Avoid copy-pasting titles from word processors in future, and you should have no further issues like this.


(I, personally, cannot remove the projects for you. You still need to send the email to service@instructables as I said above.)
lugreen (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
Thanks Kiteman, I'll remember that!