Cotton Candy Machine

Hey guys, I have some amazingly amazing news, and some terribly depressing news.

The good news first: I'm almost done with my Cotton candy machine that I have been making since the beginning of the school year in my Unique Projects class. This means that within one week I will be eating cotton candy, and LOTS of it.

The bad news: I haven't recorded any steps (taken pictures) and am really close to finishing. I do have a CAD file that I made, and still know all the materials I used.

Now, my question to you: Do you think it's worth putting up an instructable if I don't have any pictures of the process. (the pictures that I'm lacking are primarily the lathing, tapping, and dismantling of a toaster processes)

-Josh (Muffinator)

Picture of Cotton Candy Machine
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T3h_Muffinator (author) 10 years ago
I'm sorry, I kind of lied about when the instructable would be up. It probably won't be up until the Monday after next. This weekend is my sister's batmitzvah, so I won't have any time then, and next week I have to start filling out some more summer research program apps. Sorry guys! If you want, I can publish the unfinished instructable and you can watch it grow, but I don't really like the idea of turning people off of the subject just because the instructable isn't finished...
Ah..the joy of bnai mitzvahs...are your services as long as ours? (way too long)
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
They probably are (from 8:30 till 1 = 4.5 hrs)
T3h_Muffinator (author) 10 years ago

Victory really is sweet =P

Just a by the way, this will be the first* documented homemade cotton candy machine on the web. I am so honored!

*Based on my search abilities, let me know if you find one anywhere else

Wanna send me some?
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
I'd be glad to! pm me with your info
I've got a feeling it wouldnt be as good when it got here as fresh cotton candy...
T3h_Muffinator (author)  Weissensteinburg10 years ago
Probably not, but it would have historical significance!
T3h_Muffinator (author) 10 years ago
YES! Tonight my cousin came over and we "hardcored" the machine. EVERYTHING is done (except for the outer ring that catches the cotton candy, which should be really easy to make)!!!!! Will be finished TOMORROW! Instructable will be posted.... by monday, probably!
Congratulations. I wish my school had a class like this. Can't wait to see it.
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