Could Any good drawers (drawing artists?) please help me a bit here?

Um....Could somebody with good drawing skills please help me real quick?

I would like to use this drawing -or character- (Not mine), but I would like to have more angles of it. I personally don't think I can make good angles of it, so:

Could anybody draw this from a few diffrent angles like front or back?

ANY type of help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, please forgive me if I put this in the wrong place, still not used to the new forum.

Picture of Could Any good drawers (drawing artists?) please help me a bit here?
CHibi Godzilla Shadows.jpg
Chibi Godzilla Stencil.jpg
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caitlinsdad9 years ago
Well, here is the front and back...
Keith-Kid (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
thats great!........why does the Ible shirt not suprise me?
Hmm, the one looks like he is mooning everyone LOL
Keith-Kid (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
it says Keith-Moon. One can only deduce that that was the intention. And you're supposed to be the smar guy around here!

look mom!!! I got something that Goodhart didn't see! What? Yeah we should celebrate!!
Boy, this is a tough crowd...I will now do the translation for the pun-impaired people in the audience...

The drawing was a humorous response to someone putting up the bat-signal(distress signal used in cases of urgent need of Batman)...
1. Keith-Kid, username word association with Keith-Moon
2. Yes, the Godzilla creature has his backside to y'all. "Eat my shorts" - Bart S.
3. Keith Moon is the drummer for the classic rock band The Who as it states in the caption. Probably before your time. They penned classics where we get expressions for it's only teenage wasteland, talking about, and he's a pinball wizard. The Who was the first band to really trash hotel rooms and their instruments on stage.
5. Yes, the creature is wearing a signature designer i'ble T-shirt.

So as long as these cartoons are used for good and not for evil, rock on!

No wonder artists have a tough time being misunderstood...

Keith-Kid (author)  caitlinsdad9 years ago
the genius here is the double pun. Yes I've heard of The Who
Well, I have to wait until I get home to view them properly.....this ole 15" monitor will not display the right....or maybe it is that and the computer here *shrug*
Hey hey, no making fun of my fading eyesight now LOL
Keith-Kid (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
You really DO have bad eye sight... I didn't say that, Guyfrom7up did!
You really DO have bad eye sight...

Yes, and I didn't try to expand the picture either. :-) But yeah, my bifocals cover 2 ranges: up real close, and long distance sight. the midrange (computer monitors, stuff on the Grocer's shelves, etc) I have to get in closer or back up to read properly.

.. I didn't say that, Guyfrom7up did!

But that phrase has me confused.
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