Could anybody photoshop these images

could anybody edit (photoshop) these the way this instructable                                discribes             (just do the editing dont worry about the carving please ps would you mind when editing edit so when i carve stuff that shines or would shine appear bright) i need it edited because i cant download it (a.k.a my mom wont let me) edit this: and then this 
so then i'll decide if it meets these requirements: it's clear and edited perfectly like his, 
it's approved by me, where it would shine in real life or shines in the picture, if one shines on the weels edit so that when i carve the other one would shine, also you make the one of marty on the delorean clearer aka less fuzzy so when i carve it'll be clearer, plus you make them bigger, like to fit a pumpkin of these Dimensions Height 17 IN Width 14.5 IN (aka this one to scale (by to scale well you probably know but ill say anyway it perfectly fits on the front so when looking direcly at it you can see the it completely and its to scale meaning this side isn't to scale and this one stretches allthe way around for example) please and thank you
(ps when you have the images and i see them and i approve i will give my email) 

Jayefuu4 years ago
Line breaks are your friends....

You'll probably get a better response from people if you reformat your post, it's pretty hard to read at the moment.
king kolton9 (author)  Jayefuu4 years ago