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Alright as some of you might have guessed I am trying to organize the knexables community by starting threads to hold all common subjects in one place. This one is where we shall make all our requests. To start it off I desperatly need to know does anyone have/ could make quickly an airsoft speed loader? I tried and well I didn't fail but I didn't get anywhere and I'm tired of trying. I really need a speedloader but at the same time I don't need to spend the money online ( I have none in town) for a cheap piece of plastic when I already have decent pieces of plastic to make stuff with. In fact let's make a competition out of it. Let's see who could make the best Airsoft speedloader out of knex. It would be something that even the knex haters who have knex would find useful and would want to make. Alright these are the things I'd be rating: -Size to Capacity Ratio. Preferably of a small size that can hold at least 120ish -Ease of use. Simple as being able to hold it comfortably and pushing the button or doing whatever you choose we must to do use it. -Reliability. The less we have to worry about the better. It should work without many worries of it failing or leaking. It should also be at least as sturdy as a real one. I'm careful during airsoft battles but I'm also known to do things like rolling dives and stuff because I like showing off so it should be a good prop lol. And remember I'm talking about a good spead loader that loads rounds multiple times not a one-use speed loader.

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hippojoe9 years ago
What kind of clip is it? With my clip all I have to do is slide a slot open and pour them in. Mine is a hi-cap mag though, I'm guessing yours isn't? btw my m4 is 400fps and it'll make you bleed if your any less than 20 feet.Surprisingly it it only stings for a few seconds though.
hubert cumberdale!
I bought a Barrett .50, and it was 800 FPS, I got hit with it at like 200 feet, and the BB shattered on my skin...
What type of bb was it? .12g or .20g? Seamless or not? That just doesn't seem right. Was it on bare skin or through clothes or padding? Spring,Co2,green gas,or red gas?
No seam, plastic, Co2, Bare skin, .20 g.
Where did it hit you at? This Sounds like more of a Co2 BB gun than an airsoft gun. What bran is it?
It hit me in the back. No, it was indeed Airsoft. Lemme check on the make...
ooh how much
280$, CHEAP for a gun like that. It will go through a phone book at 100 feet.
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