Could someone make these guns?

i was wondering if someone could make these guns out of knex. the real ones are manafactured by FN Herstal which are a belgian company. i know that some of these have already been made out of knex, but im looking for new ideas. here they are:

(1) fn scar
(2+3) f2000
(4) fn p90
(5) five seven tactical
(6) fnp9 da / sa

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fn f2000.jpg
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knexguy8 years ago
You like Belgian weapons, huh? FN SCAR H with and without an EGLM.
Whats an EGLM?
Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module; standard for the SCAR series.
Ahh i figured it was a grenade launcher, but didnt know the rest.
nice i need to build these
~KGB~ (author)  knexguy8 years ago
wow! that pretty cool! posting?
knexguy ~KGB~8 years ago
Rebuild it?
TNKIT is eating pieces. I've already had to make about 5 completely different prototypes. If no-one else enters, I'm entering a Devourer-esque gun for jokes ;)
You could just take apart failed prototypes, or make something compact.
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