Couple New knex guns of mine

Now, I know I said a load of s**t about my assault pistol, but here are a couple of creations and one accessory for the big one...

Well, here it is, the first ever K'nex 'pod' that has more than two legs.
Its a VERY simple 'second support' for most knex guns.
The instructable will probably be up today.

#2 I cant think of a name...
Simple handgun. Whatever.

#3 HBF's Assault Rifle
Nothing to say.
It will work with the quadripod...

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oodalumps9 years ago
I'd skip on the handgun... Sloppy single shot. I think you should post the rifle though, even though it's just as sloppy.
HBF (author)  oodalumps9 years ago
Its not that sloppy...And...I changed the handle on the handgun, made the barrel longer and put a magazine underthehandle
oodalumps HBF9 years ago
A mag is good, so post it. But I'm still going to say they are sloppy, by far the sloppiest I've seen.
Whaleman9 years ago
Hmmm, the quadripod reminds me of a try pod I made a few years back......
HBF (author) 9 years ago
Look at the video. See the awesomeness of the assault rifle
Mepain9 years ago
Unnamed handgun = the knexterminerminater lol jk.
HBF (author)  Mepain9 years ago
what do you think, though?
Mepain HBF9 years ago
Not bad.
knexguy9 years ago
quadpods have been done before, and tripods are stabler anyways.
alecgates159 years ago
Dude that's really cool with the bottom load mag and the quadripod. I'll try to think of a name for the handgun
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