Covering up computer vents?

My computer has these vents on the case that are blowing out cold air while my expansion slot vent is blowing out VERY hot air. I was thinking I could cover up the vents that are blowing out the cold air which is very cold so I could make the inside of my comp cold so my video card doesn't get as hot. Is this a good idea?

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guyfrom7up9 years ago
Double nope.
Triple nope.

My computer got close to over heating, and I'll I do now is pop the side-cover off, and have a desk fan hit it with a decent breeze, hadn't had any problems with it so far...
You know the case also stops annoying EMI / RFI from being emitted from the computer, and while this might not effect you it may annoy several amateur radio operators near you...
Hmm, I hate the closest person to me whom I would suspect of being an underground radio operator... He just so happens to be my neighbor... :D
underground and amateur one has a license and one doesn't so one can complain to the FCC and strangely enough they do act, and one is hunted by the FCC ...
So an underground radio operator broadcasts on a radio frequency without a license?
Ah, either way he'll prolly call the cops on me for some code violation... Wouldn't be the first time.. :D
Plasmana bumpus9 years ago
Quad nope.
emuman4evr (author)  bumpus9 years ago
Uh any reason as to why not?
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