I am building a Sig Tiger rubber band-powered model. I know it's wimpy, but I don't have a budget for anything larger, or a place to fly it. My question is if anyone has experience with model airplane covering. Specifically, I read an article in an old RC Modeler magazine that said plastic wrap, attached with a glue stick, made excellent covering for light models, but that Monokote and Ultrakote will crush light balsa models when it shrinks. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm supposed to use tissue, according to the plans, but ew.

Also, I have an ancient U-Control Waco SRE biplane that my uncle built when he was deployed to Korea. It has an old O.S. Max III 35 that has no hope of running again, but I want to at least recover it. Any suggestions for removing old covering? It seems to be Monokote-type stuff.

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stuffman3669 years ago
to remoye the monokote take an x-acto or razor blade and carefulpunch through were you can tell there is no balsa frame to accidently cut. then carefuly cut out that section. repeat with other sections. once you have all the sections cut out, lightly sand the monokote left on the frame with 400-4000 grit sandpaper. one bare frame!
CameronSS (author) 9 years ago
Instructable up! I'm on summer vacation now, and there's at least one more in the works. homework...
CameronSS (author) 10 years ago
Okay, here it is! Yes, I edited the background to get rid of some clutter, and I tweaked the color balance because the wings looked a lot greener in the picture than they really do. I haven't flown it yet, but a few test glides seem like it should fly decently. Even my way-too-artistic sister thought it looked great, so I'm proud of it. That's another project completed!
Sig Tiger.JPG
Looks really nice. Hows the flying characteristics?
CameronSS (author) 10 years ago
It's been a while, but I finally got around to covering the plane. I ended up using tissue to cover the fuselage, and blue plastic wrap on the wings and tail feathers. I just need to assemble the parts, and add a few other little pieces. I just smeared the balsa with a glue stick, stuck on plastic wrap, pulled semi-taut, and shrunk it with a heat gun. Even easier than tissue. Anyone want an Instructable?
Yes please!
Ohm CameronSS10 years ago
Yes :D I didn't even know there was a aircraft building group. Thanks for adding me if it was you, I well post my model related instructables here too. Your Sig tiger looks good, have you flown it yet?
CameronSS (author)  Ohm10 years ago
Yup, I added it...I'm the group admin, and I think I put all but one in there. I STILL haven't flown it yet, I haven't had the essential combination of dry grass, no wind, and free time since September.
bigpinecone10 years ago
monokote won't shrink it... i've cover a guillows cessna 175 with it and it's holding up great
Kira_Koenig10 years ago
since it will be a light weight RB powered plane, I would use Polycover from Hobby Lobby. Or if you want cheap use the food wrap like Westfw said although that said it still is tricky to do without blowing a blood vessel!!!
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