Craft FAIL

Here's a blog I can totally identify with: CraftFail. For all those times when things don't go according to plan. That happens to be most of the time and hats off to those who are willing to share their embarassing stories with others.

As one of the entries says: "We tried. We really did."

CraftFail blog via Neatorama

Picture of Craft FAIL
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Keith-Kid8 years ago
I hate it when tings don't go according to plan.
That kind of ting really gets on my nerves.
Are you guys hinting that someting might be wrong with the post?
I was fighting with my tingly spidey sense on commenting...
I think it's time we all start admitting that we have a pun problem. hahaha
I ting so too.
Noting wrong with that. Not ingredients you usually find when you go punting.
I Love that ting sound a microwave makes when I Cook spagheting
Look, we need to stop. This is getting ridiculous.
Mister, don't ting for one moment that you are above it all. You are an instingator for starting trouble. And don't start with the ;-) emotingons.
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