Craft-Machine Symbiosis

Guy Debord believed that all new forms of media served to further alieniate individuals from one another. McLuhan was of the opinion that all new forms of media take as its medium existing forms of media.

So... knowing both of those "facts," I am still left kind of perpexled and speechless by this knit laptop interface that its inventors refer to as a BTI (Body-Technology Interface). Could this be the future of personal computing? And what does that say about humanity? Discuss amongst yourselves.

(however... I think we can all agree that Becky Stern is a strange duck)

Picture of Craft-Machine Symbiosis
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downgrade9 years ago
I think you all miss the point, and that point is "Jawesome!"
w00ty329 years ago
i see you like gearfuse.....
Firebert0109 years ago
I wouldn't be so concerned. BTI technology is not really very publicly acceptable enough to gain popularity. The paradox here is that as computers bring more and more people together around the world, they isolate us from other people around us. I cite the above picture as an example. Even though the person in the sock isn't speaking to anyone around her, she may be in a web confrence with companies from Tokyo and Argentina. As computers seperate us from our peers, they bring worldwide connections together.
Labot20019 years ago
It makes a great conversation piece, that's for sure.
How are you going to initiate conversation if you're head is in a sock?
Webcam! =D
What I think is ironic, is that the person you're talking to online may be right next to you, with their head in a sock, too, and you'd never know it!
Brennn109 years ago
This will certainly make anyone around you really curious as to what you are doing on the laptop.
lynxboy9 years ago
Umm. Can you imagine going to work like this? Insulating, but I don't know what it'll do for you eyes and posture :S.
jaysbob9 years ago
looks like some creature out of silent hill or the like. I've heard of people doing this sort of thing at LAN parties and the like with towels in order to prevent glare or something. I've got an idea for not being able to see, just put a webcam hole, that way you can watch whats going on around you without ruining the dark environment. You'll also be making some sort of counter-culture avant garde statement about human machine interaction.
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