Craft bloggers: Where do you find your information?

Hello there! My name is Lisa, and I am a graduate student at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library Information Studies.
I'm part of a group that is studying the information seeking
behaviors and needs of craft bloggers. We want to know where you find
your craft information, how you find it, and why you use it on your
blog. We would love it if you could take about 5 minutes to fill out a
short survey we've devised:

As a bonus, we're also offering a drawing for a grab-bag of handmade
goodies to any craft blogger who wants to take the survey and leave
their contact information. Don't worry - your responses will not be
linked with any identifying information, nor will we share your
contact information with anyone else. It's strictly confidential.

Please consider taking a few moments to fill out our survey, and don't
hesitate to ask your craft blogging colleagues to do the same. The
more the merrier! You can visit our research blog at which we'll be updating with our
findings. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Thanks for your time, and happy crafting!

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threadbangers, makezine, craftzine, popsci... english magazines that i dont know the names of...
lisa.mucci (author) 9 years ago
Hi there! Just a note that survey-taking will end this Tuesday, April 15 at 11:59pm, so be sure to visit us before you turn your taxes in!
canida9 years ago
Are you looking for people who blog their own crafts, or those who blog about others' craft projects?
lisa.mucci (author)  canida9 years ago
We're looking for anyone who writes a craft blog, be it about their own work or that of others.
Cool. I'll add this to our community blog.
Lftndbt9 years ago
My blog contains my projects etc, all ideas generated from It is the beginning, the end plus anywhere between. If you can't get inspiration here then your lost. :)