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I am a newbie here so please forgive me if this is a dumb question. Are we allowed to submit multiple entries in a contest or can we only submit one? Thanks, Michelle

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JellyWoo9 years ago
Goodhart9 years ago
Michelle, since your question has been answered, just let me say that there are no "dumb questions" especially if you are having difficulty finding the answer to yours. Inexperience means you have things to learn, and we are all in the boat in one subject or more. It is what makes this place so great. :-)
bumpus9 years ago
Yes, you are aloud to enter more than one instructable into a contest, unless noted otherwise.
Aloud!! hahahahahaha That was amazing. :D
*Damn you Autochecker* *Hides face out of shame*
Kiteman bumpus9 years ago
You never expect the Grammar Na....

Rats, too late.
bumpus Kiteman9 years ago
It wasn't my fault, my computer automatically changes mistyped words..
Kiteman bumpus9 years ago
Print preview?
bumpus Kiteman9 years ago
Not sure..