Crafting Speed Challenge Happening Now

Instructables teams up with for the   Crafting Speed Challenge. Enter any crafty thing you’ve made and you can win a $100 credit at! Get ready to share your awesome crafts right here! is a live auction site where crafters can buy and sell cool creations or supplies. It really works, too. After we heard about it a few folks from Instructables have already bought and sold a few things. So if you’ve made something and haven’t found someone to gift it to you should check it out. As an extra bonus, Instructables members get $10 off their first purchase of $11 or more by going here.

But for now you should get some pics of your favorite ready and share them in the contest. Hurry, it closes Feb. 25!

Picture of Crafting Speed Challenge Happening Now
I went to the site, and I must not understand how it works-I found it really frustrating. How do I look for things that interest me? There were just a bunch of beads on the page.
Would love to have a cool venue for my art. Thanks :0)
bajablue4 years ago
Woo hoo! Another speed challenge!!!