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We're pleased to have Craftsman sponsoring Instructables in a big way. You can see part of this sponsorship on the homepage, where we're running exclusive ads from Craftsman and some background images for the next couple of days. In the very near future, we're going to start a contest with Craftsman, which will be our biggest to date. More on that later, but you're going to love it, and I'm really excited about it.

Finally, their Nextec Auto Hammer looks really cool, and I can't wait to try one out.

Picture of Craftsman on the Homepage
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Kiteman9 years ago
An electric hammer???

What's wrong with just hitting things?
Yeah not only is it fun, But this thing's just gonna enable people to get lazier than they already are.
I know! It's going to take all the fun out of using a hammer! (The purpose of which is not to drive nails into wood, but instead drive your pent-up-rage into things!)
Muffin's back!
Yay! I missed him.
Hehe I missed you guys too!

hmm... deja vu...
:D I missed that somehow...
What on my back?! ;-)
Massive spider.
I guess some people are really lazy and can't hit anything, so Craftsman made an electric hammer... lol
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