Crayon rockets launch from Crayola box in desert

Rockets that look like huge Crayons launch from a Crayola box. This was one man's dream for 12 years. 12 years! Only 4 of the 8 actually launched, but they did get to nearly 3,000 feet.

Here's hoping that the next launch happens a little faster than 12 years. I want to see all of them go off.

Link via gizmodo

Picture of Crayon rockets launch from Crayola box in desert
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l3owzaaaah7 years ago
I love how they actually did this when they could easily photoshopped it.
*Could have...
These were actually launched in a competition. I was there... Till my rocket dragster C.A.T.O ed.
This was done as part a competition of sorts, so i'm pretty sure photoshop wasn't an option.
DJ Radio7 years ago
I want to do something like this with cigarettes. Just to prove once and for all that they're bad for your health. And whatever else gets in the path of the rockets, I guess...
then cigarrete companies start putting tiny estes motors into their cigarettes....
I just want to take a pack of cigarettes and turn it into a tiny rocket launcher...
just put a little gun powder on the bottom of the box uz a ztring and light
Not a very smart idea. You obviously have never fired off a model rocket, conventional or otherwise. You'd need a massively oversized steel box of rockets that look like cigarettes. A model rocket has INTERNAL engines, not external. Try thinking before saying something that can't possibly work without using so much that what you're trying to launch just gets blown up right there. And string doesn't work very well as a fuse. Trust me, I've tried that.
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